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25 Most Loved Australian Desserts in 2023

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Australia is home to many tasty dessert recipes. Australian desserts are not only practical but also delicious. In Australia, the tradition of making desserts is very popular among people. There are many dessert recipes made in Australia that you can try right away. Doesn’t matter the season!

Here you will find some of the best traditional Australian popular desserts, including strawberry pavlova cake, tim tam biscuits, lamingtons, chocolate crackles, fairy bread, Anzac biscuits and so much more.

So, here are 25 of the best desserts from land down under! Try them out and see which ones you like the most!

Cherry Mini Pavlova

What is the national dessert of Australia?

Pavlova, is the national dessert of Australia, hand down. Named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, is a show-stopping meringue dessert and it is made of egg whites, sugar, corn starch, lemon juice, and vanilla extract. I don’t think there is any gathering on Australia Day without a big, luscious Pavlova on the table. Nothing beats this queen of all desserts when it comes to any Aussie gathering! I sometime like to make Mini Pavlovas, especially if I am bringing dessert to a backyard BBQ party.

What is the most popular dessert in Australia?

Out of a long list of all traditional Australian desserts, the Lamington is the most popular. The iconic Australian dessert, the Lamington, has been around since the turn of the 20th century, and is found in bakeries and kitchens across the country.

1. Pavlova

The first and most iconic Australian dessert recipe is without a doubt – Pavlova. With a delicate meringue crust on the outside made with egg whites, soft marshmallow inside and topped with whipped cream and seasonal fresh fruit, Pavlova is always present at parties and celebrations, or a casual backyard BBQ. Some very popular fresh fruit topping include passion fruit, kiwi fruit, any type of berries and mango.

2. Lamingtons

Nothing is more Australian than Lamingtons! A moist, melt in your mouth, butter sponge covered in chocolate sauce and dusted with coconut. There is no place in Australia where you cannot find them….I mean everywhere, even gas stations. You can also try some of these twists on the classic: lamington cake or pink lamington jelly cakes – sponge cake squares dipped in raspberry jelly and rolled in coconut.

3. Iced VoVo biscuits

These homemade replica of Arnotts Iced Vovo biscuits recipe is simple and topped with marshmallows, a strip of raspberry jam and desiccated coconut on biscuit base. These perfectly looking iced vovos are so much fun to create at home!

4. Chocolate Crackle

Chocolate Crackle is a classic dessert for children’s birthday parties! Chocolate Crackles are a crunchy sweet treat, super simple to make with rice cereal (Kellogg’s Rice Bubbles, Rice Krispies, Rice Puffs) along with a few other ingredients and requires no baking.

5. Wagon Wheel Slice

Wagon wheel inspired slice – buttery shortbread, berry jam, marshmallow and chocolate. This slice is a party favorite for all ages!

6. Homemade Tim Tam biscuits

Tim Tams are an Australian staple, must try at least once in your life treats! Imagine two chocolate cookies, sandwiched around chocolate-malt frosting, dipped in chocolate. I know you are thinking right now that it sounds like chocolate overload….and you’re so right! It is the best chocolaty bar you can try 🙂

7. Caramel slice

Caramel slice is a classic Australian slice and one of the most popular Australian desserts. It has three delicious layers: a crunchy sweet butter biscuit base, a thick layer of buttery caramel filling and chocolate glaze. Such a quick and easy recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth.

8. Milo Tiramisu

It cannot get much more Australian than Milo! That familiar green tin is a staple item in every worthy pantry cupboard. You’d be surprised in how many ways you can use that familiar green tin of Milo for more than just a glass of milk!

9. Neenish Tarts

These traditional Neenish little tarts are a wonderful Aussie afternoon tea treat with their crispy, buttery tart crust, jam and cream filling and two tone topping. Perfect delicious dessert.

10. Golden Gaytime Slice

The Golden Gaytime ice cream, a classic Australian dessert, has been reinvented in these Golden Gaytime Slices.You must try the quick custard, easy toffee, biscuit, and chocolate.

11. Custard Berry Trifle

Classic Custard Berry Trifle made with fresh berries, sponge cake and custard. This is such a simple recipe, yet soooo delicious, perfect no bake dessert that easily serves a crowd and takes only minutes to make. This is one of my favorite quick to go recipe when it comes to a special occasion.

12. Fairy bread

This Fairy Bread recipe is a popular party snack in Australia, loved by both children and adults. With only three ingredients required: white bread slices, butter or margarine and colorful sprinkles, you can whip up this colorful sweet treat in minutes!

13. Anzac biscuits

An absolute Aussie classic dessert – Anzac Biscuits. Crunchy on the edges and chewy in the middle, these buttery, golden biscuits (aka cookies) can be made in under 30 minutes.

14. Jelly slice

Jelly slice is a classic Australian dessert or sweet treat at Christmas time, A classic triple layer slice recipe made with a crushed biscuits base, a creamy sweetened condensed milk filling and a raspberry jelly topping. You only need 7 ingredients!

15. Sponge cake

This super easy sponge cake with strawberry jam is sure to be a hit at every celebration. It is extra indulgent, topped with fresh cream and fresh strawberries too

16. Vanilla Slice

Classic Vanilla Slice is one of those desserts that makes you really appreciate how simple desserts can be absolute stunners! This dessert is all about two things. A thick layer of vanilla bean speckled custard sandwiched between two buttery puff pastry layers. Dusted with powdered sugar and ready for you to dig into. Classic never tasted so good!

17. Louise cake

Louise Cake is a classic recipe, adopted from New Zealand, with a buttery shortbread base, a layer of raspberry jam, and a coconut Swiss meringue topping. Of course, when it comes to Australia’s preference, it has to have shredded coconut too.

18. Salted Caramel Macadamia tart

This Salted Caramel Macadamia Tart recipe is a must try Australian dessert recipe. A chewy salted caramel and crushed macadamias tart filling, topped with a chocolate ganache.

19. Rocky Road slice

Rocky Road is a very quick and easy all-time favorite Aussie sweet dessert treat that is made using chocolate and a selection of add-ins including marshmallows, nuts, coconut and soft jellies or lollies.

20. Yo Yo biscuits

These Yo Yo Biscuits are another traditional Australian dessert. They’re made with butter, icing sugar, custard powder, flour, and vanilla and are sandwiched together with lemon flavored butter filling.

21. Cherry Ripe slice

The Cherry Ripe is the most popular Australian chocolate bar for many years for good reason. The combination of cherries, coconut and chocolate is such a classic dessert taste.

22. Monte Carlos biscuits

Monte Carlo biscuits are a popular cream biscuit in Australia. These delectable treats are made up of two coconut biscuits sandwiched together with sweet buttercream and jam… they literally melt in your mouth!

23. Mint Slice

Classic Mint Slice recipe made with a crunchy base, a creamy peppermint filling and topped with smooth milk chocolate. An old fashioned favorite that takes just 30 minutes to prepare.

24. Kingston Biscuits

These homemade buttery, crunchy Kingston Biscuits are a famous Australian cookie icon made by Arnott’s. Two small, golden oatmeal cookies are sandwiched together with a chocolate cream center.
Ready in just 30 minutes!

25. Raspberry jam drop biscuits

An old-fashioned Australian favorite treat – jam drop cookies, vanilla biscuits topped with a sweet raspberry jam filling. These melt in your mouth cookies can be created in 20 minutes with only 6 simple pantry ingredients and are soft and buttery! Enjoy them with a cup of tea, they are the ideal sugary treat for afternoon teas.

Best Australian Dessert Recipes

Best Australian Dessert Recipes

Recipe by Adore Foods
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Here are 25 of the best dessert recipes from down-under! Try them out and see which ones you like the most!

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