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Easy Turkey Pinwheels

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I love meal prepping for the week ahead, and one of my go-to recipes is easy turkey pinwheel sandwiches. These pinwheels are a great recipe for anyone who wants a quick and healthy wrap lunch or snack option. They’re easy to make, delicious, and can be customized with your favorite toppings.

To make these easy turkey pinwheels, all you need are some tortillas, turkey slices, cream cheese, cheddar cheese and your favorite veggies. Simply spread the cream cheese on the tortilla, add your toppings, and roll it up tightly. Then, slice the roll into pinwheels and you’re done! It’s that easy.

This turkey pinwheel recipe is also great for parties or gatherings. You can make a big batch and slice them up into bite-sized pieces for guests to enjoy. Plus, they’re a healthier option compared to other party foods like chips and dip. Give this recipe a try and see how easy and delicious it is!


  • large flour tortillas
  • sliced turkey breast
  • cheddar cheese slices
  • cream cheese, softened
  • mayonnaise
  • Dijon mustard
  • fresh lettuce leaves
  • cucumber – thinly sliced
  • Salt and pepper to taste

These turkey pinwheel sandwiches are great for picnics, parties, or as a quick and tasty snack. Feel free to customize the recipe by adding other ingredients like sliced tomatoes, baby spinach leaves, avocado, or bacon to suit your taste preferences. Enjoy!

How to Make Turkey Pinwheels

To make Easy Turkey Pinwheels, the first step is to prepare the tortillas. I like to use square flour tortillas, but you can use any type of tortilla you prefer. Lay the tortillas flat on a clean surface and spread a thin layer of your favorite spreadable ingredient over the entire surface of each tortilla. Some great options include cream cheese, hummus, or even guacamole.

Once you’ve prepared the tortillas, it’s time to add the filling. Start by layering thick slices of turkey on top of the spreadable ingredient, leaving about an inch of space around the edges. Next, add some cheddar cheese slices and thinly sliced vegetables, such as bell peppers, cucumbers, and carrots.

Now that the filling is in place, it’s time to roll up the tortillas. Starting at one end, roll the tortilla tightly until you reach the other end. Use a sharp knife to cut the rolled tortilla into 1-inch slices. The best part about these pinwheel recipes is that you can customize them to your liking. If you prefer a ranch flavor, try adding a few tablespoons of ranch seasoning mix to the spreadable ingredient.

Once you’ve rolled and cut all of your tortillas, place them in an airtight container and store them in the fridge until you’re ready to serve. These Easy Turkey Roll-ups are perfect for school lunches, quick lunches, or even party platters. I made these for my last year’s birthday party, and they were a hit!

Tips and Tricks for Best Turkey Roll Ups

  • When you’re assembling your pinwheels, make sure to spread the cream cheese or other spreadable cheese evenly over the tortilla. This will help keep the pinwheel together and make it easier to cut. If you’re having trouble spreading the cheese, try microwaving it for a few seconds to soften it up.
  • Another trick is to wrap your pinwheels tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerate them for at least an hour before slicing. This will help them hold their shape and make them easier to cut. If you’re making them ahead of time, you can even store them in the fridge for a few days.
  • If your tortillas are dry and cracking, try wrapping them in a damp paper towel and microwaving them for a few seconds. This will help soften them up and make them easier to roll.
  • Last but not least, when you’re shopping for ingredients, don’t be afraid to get creative. The best part about pinwheels is that you can use whatever you have on hand. For example, last year I made pinwheels for my daughter’s birthday party using leftover ham, cream cheese, smoked ham, red pepper and green onions. They were a hit!

Serving Suggestions

When it comes to serving Easy Turkey Pinwheels, the possibilities are endless! These delicious pinwheels are perfect for game days, parties, or as an awesome snack anytime.

Here are a few serving suggestions to get you started:

  • Party platter: Arrange the pinwheels on a platter with some fresh veggies and dip for a colorful and delicious spread.
  • Lunch box: Pack a few pinwheels in your lunch box (perfect back to school recipe!!!) with some fruit and nuts for a satisfying and balanced meal.
  • Appetizer: Serve the pinwheels as an appetizer with some crackers and cheese for a tasty and easy-to-prepare snack.
  • Game day snack: Whip up a batch of pinwheels for your next game day party. They’re sure to be a hit with your guests!
  • Picnic food: Pack some pinwheels in your picnic basket along with some fresh fruit and sandwiches for a fun and easy picnic lunch.

Storage and Meal Prep

Refrigeration – If you plan on eating your pinwheels within a few days, store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator. This will keep them fresh and prevent them from drying out. I recommend using a container that is specifically designed for meal prep, as these are usually leak-proof and stackable.

Freezing – If you want to make a large batch of pinwheels to last you through the week, consider freezing them. Simply wrap them in plastic wrap and store them in an airtight container in the freezer. When you’re ready to eat them, thaw them in the refrigerator overnight. This will ensure that they retain their texture and flavor.

Thawing – When it comes to thawing your pinwheels, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure you thaw them in the refrigerator, as this will prevent them from becoming soggy. Second, don’t try to microwave them to speed up the process, as this will cause them to become tough and chewy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make tortilla roll ups with turkey?

Making turkey pinwheels is easy! First, lay out a tortilla and spread a layer of cream cheese on top. Then, add your desired fillings, such as sliced turkey, lettuce, and cheese. Roll the tortilla tightly and slice it into pinwheels. 

What are some variations of pinwheels besides buffalo chicken and taco?

I always think Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels are the pinwheels to go for, but there are endless possibilities when it comes to pinwheel fillings! Some popular options include ham and cheese, roast beef and horseradish, and veggie and hummus. Get creative and try out different combinations to find your favorite!

Are there any alternatives to cream cheese for turkey pinwheels?

Yes, you can use other spreads or dips instead of cream cheese. Some options include hummus, guacamole, salsa verde, or even plain Greek yogurt mixed with herbs and spices.

How can I prevent my pinwheels from getting soggy?

To prevent your pinwheels from getting soggy, make sure to spread a thin layer of filling on the tortilla and avoid overstuffing it. You can also try wrapping the pinwheels tightly in plastic wrap and storing them in the fridge until ready to serve.

Can I make pinwheels a day in advance?

Yes, you can make pinwheels a day in advance! Just wrap them tightly in plastic wrap and store them in the fridge until ready to serve. This makes them a great option for meal prep or party planning.

Turkey pinwheel recipe is easy, quick, and perfect for your next party. The best part is that you can make them ahead of time and store them in an airtight container until you’re ready to serve. So why not try making these Easy Turkey Pinwheels with a side of crack dip for your next get-together?

Easy Turkey Pinwheels

Easy Turkey Pinwheels

Recipe by Adore Foods
5 from 22 votes

Turkey Pinwheels are a fun and easy spin on simple sandwiches, and the perfect recipe to make ahead for lunch meal prep or take to a party or potluck.

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  • 4 4 extra-large or burrito-style flour tortillas

  • 1 9oz 1 sliced turkey

  • 8 slices 8 cheddar cheese

  • 4 oz 4 cream cheese, softened

  • 1 tbsp 1 mayonnaise

  • 1/2 tsp 1/2 Dijon mustard

  • 1 cup 1 fresh lettuce leaves

  • 1 cup 1 thinly sliced cucumber

  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • In a small bowl, mix together the softened cream cheese, mayonnaise, and Dijon mustard until well combined. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  • Lay out a tortilla and spread a thin layer of the cream cheese mixture evenly over the tortilla.
  • Place a few slices of turkey breast on top of the cream cheese mixture, covering the tortilla evenly. Repeat the process with the cheddar cheese slices too.
  • Layer some baby spinach leaves and sliced cucumber on top of the turkey.
  • Starting from one end, tightly roll up the tortilla, forming a pinwheel shape. Repeat this process with the remaining tortillas and filling.
  • Once all the tortillas are rolled up, use a sharp knife to slice each rolled tortilla into 1-inch thick pinwheels.
  • Serve the turkey pinwheel sandwiches immediately or refrigerate for later use.


  • If your tortillas are dry and cracking, try wrapping them in a damp paper towel and microwaving them for a few seconds. This will help soften them up and make them easier to roll.
  • When ready, wrap your pinwheels tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerate them for at least an hour before slicing. This will help them hold their shape and make them easier to cut.