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Rhubarb Apple Juice

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a fantastic weekend 🙂

Lately, I have seen so many interesting and delicious recipes featuring rhubarb – jams, sorbets, mouth watering pies and puddings and I thought…why not trying to include this vegetable in my juice today.  I know..crazy idea!

Rhubarb Apple Juice

I have never tried rhubarb juice and I have to admit being a little bit nervous about this idea of mine. I was expecting my juice to have a bitterly/ tart taste, as you usually need a lot of sugar added to make it palatable so I have decided to combine it with some sweet apples I had in my pantry.

Rhubarb Apple Juice

We have been really lucky in terms of weather, having some wonderful, hot, summery days and the tartness of this rhubarb juice was really what I was looking for.

To my biggest surprise, it works 🙂 absolutely perfect, the acidic tartness of rhubarb and the natural sweetness of the apples combined…works perfectly. You could not think of a better, refreshing juice for a hot day! I have just welcomed a new addition to my juice recipes this summer.

Rhubarb Apple Juice


Rhubarb Apple Juice Recipe


2 stalks rhubarb

3 apples

Juice them together. Stir and serve.




Tuesday 10th of June 2014

I would never have thought to put rhubarb through my juicer!!! This is fantastic! So inspiring. I'm going to pop out to the garden today, pick some rhubarb, and try this. So cool!!!

Oana Iancu

Tuesday 10th of June 2014

Hope you're going to love it! Thanks for stopping by :)